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Americans are tired, angry, stressed out, broke, and realize that the system is rigged.  We are working longer and harder than we were 40 years ago, however, the bottom 90% of income earners have seen ZERO income growth since 1980, and our cost of living has almost TRIPLED since then.

campaign flyer 3We watch as millions of good paying jobs are shipped to China and Mexico.  We work hard and get rewarded with the 2008 recession, an event that cost 8 million families their homes and 10 million their jobs.  We rage at the “too big to fail” banks being rewarded with trillions in bailouts for their reckless and illegal behavior that caused an economic collapse.  We wonder how we’ll be able to afford to send our kids to college in an age where the average college student graduates with $30,000 in debt and when student loan debt has exceeded credit card debt.  We gasp at the price of medical insurance and prescription drugs as they continue to skyrocket and feel lucky we’re not one of the 29 million Americans that can’t afford medical insurance.  We count our blessings that we’re not filing bankruptcy because of our medical bills, as it’s the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in the US.  We pray that we don’t have an unexpected expense, a car repair or medical bill, because 68% of us live paycheck-to-paycheck and are just one unexpected expense away from being in financial crisis.  And we hope that the minimum wage is raised as half of all working Americans earn less than $15/hour.

So why is it that we have so many problems, so many challenges, and yet we’re the wealthiest nation in the history of the world?


Our government no longer represents all Americans but just the few at the top.  Why?  Because our elected representatives, our politicians, need money to run their campaigns.  They also want to become lobbyists when they quit politics, so they can earn millions consulting corporations and advising them how best to bribe the system.  Our politicians listen to the donor class, listen to their needs and work hard to do their bidding.  So the top 1% of Americans own our government while our problems, the problems of the bottom 90%, get a lot of lip service but never any action.

We are waking up though.  It’s time to engage with our neighbors, to spread the truth about our problems.  And it’s time to start voting in huge numbers.  Together we can reclaim our government, reclaim our democracy, and start fixing our problems.